Cultural Inclusion & Engagement

Food is a universal need. It is also a rich way to bring people together.

Sustenance Festival organizers, partners, and the Vancouver Parks Board staff have been working to develop more cross-cultural connections and collaborations. This included starting a Community Food Initiative fund, Intercultural Advisory Committee, and a “listening” campaign.

Sign on table says "Offerings for the Ancestors" beside a vase of flowers
Photo by Kaitlyn Fung. Taken at the Feasting for Change exhibit opening at Roundhouse Community Centre. September 2019.

Community Food Initiative Fund

The Community Food Initiative Fund offers $500 grants to supporting community groups who are underrepresented in local food, arts & culture.

More information about the Community Food Initiative fund here.

Intercultural Advisory Committee

This committee provided direction for staff, funding, and the overall festival. Their work has included identifying barriers to participation, developing new project collaborations, and connecting with existing community food initiatives that have may not be seen as part of the mainstream local food, arts & culture community.

Listening Campaign

Sustenance Interculturalism Coordinator Stephanie Lim asked community members to share their perspectives on the food movement throughout 2017. A report was developed with recommendations to meaningfully include and support diverse and underrepresented community groups’ participation.

Read the report: Vancouver Community Leaders on the Role of Food in Cultural Inclusion and Engagement.

Sustenance Festival, a case study taken on by UBC’s Land and Food Systems 350 students Veronica Henriquez, Nico Starink, Rebecca Suen, Kelly Bateson, and Payge Dirk.