Permaculture in Action – Harvest Time! – Kitsilano CC

2016-10-26 10:30 am - 2016-10-26 12:30 pm
Kits Community Centre
Kitsilano Community Centre, Larch Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

harvest festival

 Location: Kitsilano Community Centre  Facilities: Ken’s Kitchen, Snowy’s Lounge

Price: Free
Ages:  18+

A place where food and conversations merge into larger themes about well-being, health and overall positive living. Sitting down to enjoy a meal together and face-to-face conversations is often overshadowed by busy lifestyles, social media, and on- the-go foods and more. Our shared goal is to make our Vancouver life more and more delicious, for both mind and body, one meal at a time! Through a culture of preparing a yummy meal together, while having a facilitated discussion that explores experience and values around sustainable living, we can spice up and strengthen our own community. We invite you to a lively cooking and tasting workshop from our organic gardens. The workshop is FREE and open to the public. Just bring your curiosity, friends and whole family! Only 15 spaces, please pre-register.


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